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 And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever

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PostSubject: And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever   Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:36 pm

Not only is the community fantastic in itself because most everyone is extremely nice but on top of that those that make fan music and art are fantastic at it.

Unlike most video game fanbases who only make remixes of their favorite songs and such most of the time MLP has many original songs as well, some with lyrics!

The art itself goes in every direction you could possibly think ranging from fake screenshots to original artstyles and even to the anthro/furry side of things and even down to downright porn for those who want that too.

In this topic I'm going to give some great examples of each (Though don't worry, I'll stay away from the porn artwork! lol) because truly the MLP fanbase has proven itself to be the best fanbase I have ever been a part of.

I should also mention that the fanbase makes a big deal out of background characters. All of them are unique and show up many times, some even speak, and the fans have taken a liking to so many of them and each have their own name usually based on their cutie mark (a mark on their flanks that represents what makes them unique from everyone else) so many things presented are of background ponies and side ponies that in most shows normally wouldn't be looked at.

Pony Music

This first song is a tribute to Derpy Hooves. A little history on Derpy: Originally she was just called Ditzy Doo and was nothing more than a background pony but one of the animators screwed up with one of her eyes on an episode and her eyes became flip-flopped. Since then she has been called Derpy Hooves by the fans. After this episode Lauren Faust's team of animators continued to leave her eyes in that fashion. It wasn't until The Last Roundup (Episode 14 of Season 2) that she canonically became Derpy Hooves when Rainbow Dash called her thus and she was as "derpy" as her namesake. Now one thing to remember about the fanbase is she is often shown as a mail carrier. While this is not necessarily Derpy's official job, since she does many odd jobs throughout the series, this is certainly the most famous and "official" job so many artworks feature her with a mail bag such as in the video posted below. Derpy has become a fan favorite and even Team Faust has taken the liberty of turning her from a trivial background pony into a pony that shows up in many random places for the fans to find. In some cases she is doing something random like pulling a drain plug out of a Bobbing For Apples tub and then sinking down the imaginary drain or appearing in a tiny little snowglobe where she honestly had no business being in since she isn't famous in any way in Equestria in the show. It's almost like "Where's Waldo" but instead of finding Waldo in every page you find Derpy wherever you can in an episode.


This next song is another tribute to two background ponies who play music: Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (AKA DJ-PON-3) These two ponies don't show up very often, in fact each only shows up for a few seconds at a time in the few episodes they appear in. Octavia is a bass player and Vinyl Scratch is a...well...DJ. This song is meant to be a music face-off of sorts between the types of music each of them play (Orchestral and house/trance type music) and even though in the show itself neither has actually made any identity with their music the fans have created such an identity based on what they play and it's created this.


Now for some of the better music in the fanbase. This song is a fan made theme song for the villain in the first two episodes of Season 2: The Return of Harmony parts 1 and 2. The villain, Discord, had been sealed away by Princess Celestia when she came to rule over Equestria because he ruled with chaos and turmoil. Discord has the ability to bend reality to his will and is very dangerous because of it. Discord breaks out of his stone imprisonment in The Return of Harmony Part 1 and starts wreaking Havoc. This song is meant to be in the viewpoint of the citizens of Ponyville (where the chaos starts and where Discord is making his base of operations) crying out to Discord. This is one of the most original songs in the fandom and definitely one of my favorites. Odyssey Eurobeat, the one who made the song, is definitely a great musician.


And now this song, which is done by the same guy who made Discord, is about Princess Luna who was sealed in the moon by her sister and came to be known as Nightmare Moon (which became a scary bedtime story to trick young ponies to behave or else Nightmare Moon would gobble them up) Before she was sealed up by her sister Princess Celestia for trying to cover the world in night she and her sister alternated between raising the sun and raising the moon. Celestia raised the sun and Luna raised the moon, but Luna found that nopony loved the night as they did the day and they slept through it. Jealous, Luna became furious and tried to cover the world in eternal night and was sealed. The events where she was released from the seal 1000 years after her imprisonment take place in the first two episodes of the series "The Mare In The Moon" parts 1 and 2. The song posted below is a tribute to Luna, through the eyes of Celestia herself crying out to her sister who she was forced to trap in the moon. There's two versions of this song but between the two versions the only difference is at the end of the Nightmare Mode version there is a dark and guttural growling vocal. I will be posting the Nightmare Mode because the Dream Mode version is just the same song but without the added ending.


This next song is an amazing tribute to Rainbow Dash and her Element of Harmony: Loyalty. (The Elements themselves are explained in the Mare In The Moon parts 1 and 2) This right here is a perfect example of my love for the MLP community. They put a lot of work and originality into this song and it shows through the fantastic lyrics and guitar and drums, with a great blend of it all together. What you'll hear here is a fantastic song and I have nothing but praise for it. The lyrics really do a good job of expressing the emotion of loyalty in combination with the type of music being played while still paying tribute to the fact that this is the element of Rainbow Dash, the hardcore pony who likes fast-paced action and danger.


This song is a tribute to Twilight Sparkle, one of the seven main characters of the series and for the longest time throughout Season 1 she seemed to be the focus of the show. This song is a lot quieter than most of the other songs I've posted but it's great nonetheless. The vocals are a little wobbly but overall they express Twilight's personality well enough (remember this is still fan made so it's not perfect) Twilight Sparkle is a bookworm who loves to learn new things, her specialty though is magic itself. Unicorns in Equestria can all use magic one way or another but what makes Twilight special is the fact that she has far more power than anyone else in the kingdom and can use spells that haven't been seen in centuries since the greatest sorcerers were around.

Now the following two songs will be posted one after the other since they both come from the same thing. What you are about to hear is the stage songs from the fan made fighting game: My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic. This is a highly anticipated freeware game made by Mane6 which will pit various characters from the show (including but not limited to the mane 6, the other characters have not been revealed yet though) against each other in a fighting system very similar to Marvel vs Capcom and they are doing their utmost to make sure it is bug-free even though they are doing this for absolutely no money at all, what a great group of guys! You can check out what they've done so far on their site

The stage music for Twilight Sparkles Library

The stage music for Sweet Apple Acres (Applejack's stage)

Pony Fanart

In this section I'll be posting pictures of many different ponies in various ways. Some might be a little racy but none are sexually explicit. I will separate them into groups based on the character. They will be posted in link form as pictures will take up far too much space. lol

The images presented are of various different artstyles and various different poses and situations. There are many fans who do enjoy these so even if you are not one of them (Such as not liking human or anthro versions of ponies) please don't make a big deal out of it out of respect for the fans who do enjoy such artworks.

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash



Pinkie Pie



Princess Celestia

Princess Luna

Random Background Ponies


Well, that's all I've come to say. These are just a few things that are out there, fans have made millions upon millions of artworks ranging from drawn art to music to fanfictions to comic strips to flash movies and games. More than any other series MLP's fan stuff is what makes MLP's community so fantastic. The people, the fan stuff, the show itself and it's creators...all of it adds up to make one of the best series ever made. Remember to look up fan stuff once in a while to be put in awe of the splendor that it is. I dunno about you but to me, when the fanbase makes such spectacular things it really adds to the glory of the canonical product.

I claim no ownership to anything posted in this thread. Any and all artworks and musics are copyrighted to their respected owners and MLP is copyrighted to Hasbro and Lauren Faust's amazing team.
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PostSubject: Re: And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:32 am

Hopefully this site can stay nice and you are the largest pony fan I know man Smile
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PostSubject: Re: And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever   Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:30 pm

As long as no one comes in here saying "lol u r a ponyfag" and crap like that we're good. I understand not everyone is a fan but there are so many fans out there it wouldn't surprise me if people who signed up are also fans, I'll be a gateway for them to discuss ponies without having to start the discussion since many hide their love of ponies because of the haters who will hunt down pony topics and troll them. (Tends to happen on the Cartoon and Animations board on Gamefaqs)

And trust me, there are way bigger fans out there. I'm no noob but trust me: There are fans out there who are even bigger fans.
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PostSubject: Re: And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever   

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And this is why I believe MLP has the best fanbase ever
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